Balance, Integrity, Listening. We deploy highly experienced consultants with a diverse set of technical, management and people-centred skills. Our principal, Dr Graham Oakes, is a highly skilled systems engineer and project manager with over 20 years’ industry-proven experience backed by a track record of delivering highly innovative and effective solutions.

Business Alignment
Our approach combines strong listening and analytical skills, active facilitation and workshop techniques and a diverse range of mindsets and backgrounds. Using this approach, we have assisted clients such as the Intermediate Technology Development Group (ITDG), the Open University, MessageLabs and Oxfam to clarify their goals, understand their technical options and set up implementation projects.

Cultural Alignment
By combining business, technical and ethnographic methods, we offer a unique approach to overcoming the challenges of building systems that people will use. We help define system architectures that fit within your organisational context, and hence design interfaces that people can, and will, use.



Implementation Support
Projects with clear goals, business alignment and cultural alignment are inherently more likely to succeed. However, these factors alone do not ensure success. We help manage the risks associated with major change programmes by providing ongoing, independent support and mentoring in areas such as:

• Defining technical architecture
• Selecting the right tools, applications and vendors
• Setting up implementation plans
• Setting up quality assurance strategies
• Independent reviewing of projects and architecture

                  Graham Oakes, Principal
Dr Graham Oakes

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