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IT projects fail because they lose touch with reality. Independent review helps them keep in touch.

Free Project Reviews
As an introductory offer, we are offering free project reviews to new clients.  Download this pdf for details, or contact me at

IT projects are a High Risk / High Reward activity

• Fewer than 20% achieve their objectives
• We only do them because the rewards are so enticing

Failures stem from one root cause
• People lose sight of reality...
• ... They get overenthusiastic in their promises
• ... They get sidetracked
• ... They want to believe they can solve every problem
• ... They misunderstand each other

Independent Assurance helps you stay in touch
• Are objectives clear and understood by everyone?
• Do status reports match actual progress?
• What assumptions are people making?
• Are there any misunderstandings across teams?

Independent facilitation
• Get at issues without getting tied up in private agendas

A tailored review plan
• A fixed price matched to the scale of your project
• Clearly identified points for ongoing assurance
• Independent facilitation of key meetings
• Email and phone support
• Escalation processes

Invest a couple of percent of your project budget now to avoid large overruns later

Want to discuss how we can help you achieve your objectives? Let’s talk...


"Project Reviews, Assurance and Governance". My book is available direct from Gower, or via retailers such as Amazon. For signed copies, or to make bulk orders, contact me at and I'll be happy to share the author's discount with you.


2010 dates for my seminar on "Running Effective Project Reviews" have been announced by Unicom. The course gives a hands-on view of some of the issues of running project assurance, and helps participants to think about ways to address these issues.

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