Technology is messy. Itís complex. Itís political.
Vendors muddy the waters with ambiguous buzzwords. Projects go awry. People refuse to use systems when they are finally delivered. If effective use of technology wasnít crucial to your success, you probably wouldnít touch it.

Graham Oakes Ltd helps you work out how to use technology to achieve your business goals. We provide strategic independent consulting and mentoring to help you manage the ambiguity and uncertainty that surround any major business initiative.

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Upside: smooth
                demand, green the grid

Our idea for aggregating spare capacity in UPS batteries to smooth demand for electricity and hence green the grid is a finalist in the Nesta Dynamic Demand Challenge.  See more details at

Project Reviews, Assurance and Governance

Project Reviews, Assurance and Governance

My book is now available. You can get copies direct from Gower Publishing, or from retailers such as Amazon. If you want a signed copy, or to make a bulk order, please contact me at and I'll be happy to share the author's discount with you.

Free Project Reviews

As an introductory offer, we are offering free project reviews to new clients.  Download the details or contact

Register for Successful Web Projects: Preparing
                  the Business Case in Manchester, United Kingdom on

Successful Web Projects: Preparing the Business Case

A good business case is the foundation for project success.  If we can get the business case right, we will start out with a clear vision of what we're trying to achieve; we'll have support from key stakeholders; and we'll have strong justification for the resources we need.

I am available to run inhouse sessions of my training course on Preparing the Business Case.  For course details, see the description of the public course I ran in Manchester on 2 May.  Contact me at for further information and to book.

                Industry Awards Graham Oakes Ltd was a medallist in the BCS IT Consultancy of the Year awards for 2007.
Cognitive Edge Accredited Practitioner